“Amy planned our trip out west and it was fantastic! She planned our jaunt to the Grand Canyon, Arches National Park, Moab Utah, and many stops in between.  I would tap into Amy’s knowledge on travel for my next family’s adventure!”
– Beth

“Amy made an itinerary for us when we went to South Dakota. She included major attractions, national landmarks and parks, and some of the not so well known destinations that we would have passed up if she had not recommended them. (Which, by the way, were very worth visiting). We had not been to this area before and it was amazing how well she guided us. There were even extra destinations we were not able to visit because we were enjoying each one of the others so much! Amy’s help made our trip much more relaxing and enjoyable. I recommend her trip planning services to everyone.”

– Shelly

“I accompanied Amy on a week long trip to Italy. We explored Venice, Pisa, the Cinque Terre, and Tuscany! She did all of the planning and made all the necessary arrangements for our journey. It was fantastic! She really went above and beyond and found local places and activities that we could participate in. There is nothing better than immersing yourself in the culture and feeling like a local for a small time! Her research on foods to eat and things to do really made the trip much more enjoyable. My mind was at ease knowing that she had thought of absolutely everything!”

– Kristy



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