These are unprecedented and often scary times. For those of you with the travel bug, this is a list of strong recommendations to heed to before setting out on your next adventure.

1. Destination Data: Where are you headed? Make sure to look up the local data concerning Covid. Health departments often post in newspapers and online Facebook pages. You can also call. One of the most important pieces of data is the 7 day rolling average.

2. PPE: 1. You MUST take a mask with you. Most places in the USA (and world) are now requiring you to wear a mask in every inside venue. When traveling with it you can sanitize it by putting it in a brown paper bag for a week if you can get seven masks, one for each day, otherwise, just make sure to put it somewhere where you won’t be touching it a lot and can wash it if it’s a cloth mask. 2. I recommend gloves for things like gas stations and door handles. 3. Hand sanitizer.

3. Cleaning Supplies: Sanitation wipes or bleach spray/antibacterial spray and paper towels. I stayed at an Airbnb last summer that had me cleaning my own places BEFORE Covid existed! This year I stayed at several places that needed some TLC. Be smart and safe. Contact your host and take photos to document any issues. I received a partial refund for a dirty place I stayed in.

4. Travel Plans: 1. CALL AHEAD! Websites are not always updated correctly I’ve found. 2. Does your state have a travel ban? Look ahead. Some states are not letting you in unless you follow strict instructions. 3. Know opening and closing times. They’re not what they’ve been in the past.

5. Insurance: Know your health insurance details if you need to see a doctor or be hospitalized while not in your home area. If traveling alone, always let someone know where you are each day.

6. Meals: Plan ahead. Know if you’re eating out if the restaurant offers curbside or outdoor seating. Make sure to have a mask as many places require one on until your food is delivered to your table. Take a cooler for groceries if you’re driving.

7. Flexibility: Know that your plans may likely have to change. Be patient. Try to not be disappointed.

8. Bathrooms: Many places, including campgrounds and gas stations, do not have public access to bathrooms/washrooms. Try to use the restroom off the road that is near other businesses. Call ahead if you’re at a campground to find out the rules on washrooms, showers, and etc.

9. Heed: Know your local and CDC recommendations. The current website for this information is at this link:

10. Kindness & Gratitude: Wherever you go, be kind. Lots of people are struggling, have anxiety, and know that many of your favorite destinations are thrilled to be open. Show gratefulness to these workers with “please” and “thank you”!

Social distancing made easy at Letchworth State Park in central NY.


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