Summer vacation is coming soon! Below are my top travel picks for women 2019, without endorsements. As an avid traveler, I have to find things that are both comfortable and versatile. I make sure to discuss why or how this product fits those two criterion. Sometimes, it is also necessary to take as little clothing as possible due to room in your travel luggage. Most of these things below are great for mixing and matching, and when I went to Europe a few years ago I only took about three changes of clothes based on these options. These items are in no particular order!


  1. Title Nine’s tops: Title Nine is doing what I wish travel clothing had been doing for years: inserting stink stopping and dry-faster-than-cotton technology. For someone who runs or hikes on almost every trip, every single day, these tops are my favorites. The lady at the store told me that she knew a gal who ran in one of them for 20 days before she washed hers. I tried it out myself, and ran AND sweated in the Vibe tank top three days in a row before I washed mine, and it still didn’t stink (I just got self-conscious!). I also just found the Grace t-shirt line does the same thing. I’m on day two of mine as I write this. Yesterday I did a 5 mile hike and a 1 mile run: no stink!!! Today I’m off to the farmers’ market and another hike. Find your tops at
  2. Hoka One One’s Speedgoat Trail Shoe: I loathe hiking boots. Who wants the bulk? I also find them to be horribly uncomfortable.  My choice? Hoka One One trail shoes. You can run AND hike in these bad boys! I love the Speedgoat option most, which also has superior support and, too, doubles as a running shoe. The Vibram bottom is both sturdy and I never slip in these shoes. I hiked all over the west this summer with no issues, including hikes in Big Bend, Arches, Canyonlands, Joshua Tree, and Angel’s Landing in Zion. If these things can make it up the Landing in Zion, you KNOW they’re worth it!
  3. Socks: For over ten years now, I’ve worn Smartwool’s PhD socks for everything under the sun. I also wear them on my runs and hikes every single day when I’m not traveling. If you’re sweaty, they dry overnight. If you’re not, you can take one or two pairs on a trip and be fine. Really!
  4. Do It All Travel and Hiking Bottoms: There’s a tie in this category. Title Nine’s Clamber shorts, capris, and pants are my #1. They’re quick drying, have a cell phone pocket, and stretch around the tummy for moms and those of us who have vacation food babies. A close second is Eddie Bauer’s Trail Tight line is specifically designed for hiking. I love the side pockets on the Trail Tight Pants, which are perfect for a snack or your phone, unless you have one of those Phablets (phone tablet size… haha). The pants are comfortable, and even cute enough you can throw on a long top and have them double as leggings or tights for a night out on the town. I also love EB’s joggers! They’re perfect for a long plane ride or a day out on the town.

    EB Joggers are awesome! Me at my AirBnB in Amsterdam after getting off the plane.
  5. The “Cup”: Without grossing you out, I am not into the menstrual cup thing (tried it and it wasn’t for me), but if you can handle them, I know so many active women swear by them for hiking, travel, backpacking, and more. Less mess, less to tote around. Here’s my two cents: first, go to to compare cup sizes and then 2. buy yours using Amazon Prime (or directly through the cup company) so you can return it if it doesn’t work. Many of these companies stand by their products, and I’m all about a company that lets a woman take a chance on something and get a full refund if it’s not their “cup” of tea.
  6. Headbands: Let’s face it. When you’re sweating on a run or hike, or if you’re out in public, you want a headband that WORKS and looks cute. Enter Junk headbands. I’ve tried a lot of headbands in my lifetime from everywhere: running stores, Dollar Tree, Wal-Mart, and even homemade ones by my mom (sorry, Mom!). Nothing has come close to Junk in comfort, sizing, style, and wash/dry-ability. This company also has an exceptional return policy.
  7. Purses: If you’re going on a trip and want to keep it simple, stick with the 3-Zip from EB. I used to own a Thirty One one like this, but it wore out pretty quickly. A anothe option I love is the Kava fanny pack. Don’t judge. You know they’re awesome even though they’re ugly. At least Kava makes them cute!
  8. Wipes: You need wipes of SOME kind in your purse. You never know when the restroom is going to be out of TP or when something unexpected may occur. I like these women-specific wipes from Summer’s Eve. They are the best I’ve found for all-around versatility. They say they are for nighttime, but let’s be honest–wipes can work anytime, day or night!
  9. Safety First: Many do not always think about a safety game plan while traveling. I do, whether traveling alone or with family and friends. I almost always have on me my Road ID wrist or shoe ID. A lot of you probably have a security code on your phone causing it to lock. If that’s the case, note that no one could get to your ICE number unless you’ve set it up to do so. Here’s an additional link on how to set this up. My recommendations? Don’t set the privacy on your phone to a locked screen unless it’s absolutely necessary, especially if you’re solo running or hiking. If you’re with friends or family, or even your kids, make sure they know how to get into your phone in case of emergency on trips.
  10. Hats and Visors. If you’re going someplace where the sun is relentless, a cap of some sort is a must. Columbia’s Coolhead cap is the best for hot summer days. I own three of these because one of them I wore out so badly it serves now as my fishing cap. Columbia has a lot to offer in the head-protection area! Under Armour visors are my pick in the visor category. Click here to view some of their options.

    The Columbia Coolhead cap kept my head comfy while in Germany.
  11. Sandals and Flip Flops: There are SO many options in this category. Teva always gets my top vote for long trips where I’m walking mile after mile in a city and for sandy beaches. I own the beach-friendly Mush and the Terra Fi Lite for long days on sidewalks and streets. Keen has a lot of options, and the Bali and Waimea sandals are my favorite for the lake and rocky beaches because of the unique toe protection. (Note that the Waimea are difficult to find for women, so you may need to get the men’s). I actually wore out the top of my last pair and the bottoms still looked perfect after 10 years. And, yeah… I broke down and bought some Glacier National Park Chaco’s this season. I personally don’t think Chaco’s are the most comfortable, overall, but many of you do use them for travel, and I don’t blame you! Many choose to hike in them. I like my trail shoes for hiking–no sandals for this gal.
  12. Makeup: I don’t wear a lot of makeup, but if I know I’m going to be out in the sun or need something over my sunscreen, this is my all-in-one (foundation and powder) choice: Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Talc-Free Mineral Airbrushing Loose Powder. And for the lips? I have to keep them protected and kissable! (just kidding on the last part!). I use Banana Boat with 45 SPF coverage and buy several of them because I lose lip balm ALL the time.
  13. Hair: Trader Joe’s Head to Toe Balm. This stuff is amazing and does about everything. Perfect for smoothing your hair, dry hands, lips, heals, and on and on. I have a pixie cut and it works on my hair! I don’t even need hairspray when I use it. I also love Dove for Men’s hair pomades. Their products aren’t heavy and leave my hair looking sexy.

Thanks for reading this post. If you have any products YOU recommend or want (or think) I should try or include, let me know!

Last, if you’d like to save some extra $ on your EB, Columbia, Under Armour, eBay, and Amazon purchases (there are others stores you can save on, too!), sign up for using my referral link. Once you sign up, you’ll save an extra 2-10% (depending on the time of year) each time you shop online!

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